Beautifying Vitamin Bomb

The Carotene Extra product line is a true beautifying vitamin bomb due to the extra high amount of carotenoid it contains. By combining the effects of rowan sorb, carrot and honeydew, these products charge the skin with vitamins for a fresh and balanced skin finish. Thanks to the exceptional moisturizing properties of rowan sorb the skin becomes visibly fuller and smoother. Carrot and the honeydew load the skin with vitamins and minerals, thus improving the skin’s resistance.bDuring the summer, after sunbathing the product regenerates the skin, due to its high carotene content it might help in achieving and keeping that coveted golden brown tan. This product line can be combined with flavonoid rich Sour Cherry & Blackthorn or Rose Petal products, that have outstanding regenerating and elasticity improving effects.

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Apple & Lemon product line: a relief to the skin with seborrhoea

Treatments with the Apple & Lemon products make wonders to skin prone to seborrhoea, they tighten the pores and reduce the symptoms of acne. Apple, thanks to its high fruit acid, pectin and calcium content, have anti-allergen, softening and regenerating effects. Lemon juice in cosmetics have brightening, regenerating and toning effects. With continuous use the skin becomes refreshed, renewed and it regains its firmness. Every product in the range is certified as natural by the strictest German certifying institute, BDIH.

When using the Apple & Lemon products in summer, make sure to apply proper sun protection as well, as the herbal active ingredients of the products have brightening effects, which can lead to photosensitivity.

The following treatment can be used both on skin with oily- and with scaly seborrhoea.

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Brightening treatment

One part of the effective and lasting brightening treatment is the bleaching of the hyper-pigmentation spots in the fall, the other part is the prevention treatment applied from the beginning of spring. With the combined effect of the two we can avoid the unwanted spots.
In the following treatment we are going the demonstrate an effective prevention treatment step by step. The main herbal component of the treatment is bearberry, its main active ingredient (arbutin) prevents the formation of melanin, this way preventing the formation of the stains as well. In case of brightening treatments always make sure to apply proper sun protection.

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